In the Deep of Darkened Keep

In coffin dark and deep I lay,
Awake to know and in dismay
As two lovers hover and play
And say, ‘I love you, too,’
Never aware that as I stare
Into darkness, I hear and fear
I shall never receive affection,
My heart in dejection,
My spirit in rejection,
My life but a reflection
Of the death of lovely dreams
In the rich cream of romantic
Aspirations before stagnation
And then horrid damnation . . .

But then the wind still blows
Over the earth, place of birth,
And she sings some silly song
About where I really belong:
In arms of love from above,
Yet while I am here laid low
In black coffin deep keep of
Numinous burial, no aerial
Sight – fright holding heart –
And all fight is lost and gone,
But still she sings and brings
Me wings to fly into the sky,
If I will but believe
And receive her gift

death-557025__340And her hand reaches to lift
If I will but sift thru thoughts
Of depression and impression
That led to repression of soul;
Ah! then might I be finally free
To walk and talk and truly see,
Leaving behind toxic debris
Of a life lived underground
Where love-sound was heard
Like chirping bird, yet unseen?
Might I now arise
To claim my prize
Of but one ‘I love you, too?


4 thoughts on “In the Deep of Darkened Keep

  1. Wow! This is a poem of all poems…epic, profound with a wonderful lilt to it as you read it. The full force of it’s energy hits you right in the heart and soul. Magnificent… Hope all well.

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