Once So Strong

He fell without a sound
When no one was around
And lay there on the ground
Until hours later he was found;
And what an unthinkable sight
To see one with such might
Once full of vigorous fight
Now so slender, so light;
Once so strong, so very thick
Now so weak and very sick
Now slow, not a bit quick;
And what a crying shame,
But is anyone to blame?
This is life’s odd game:
None stays the same
Once So Strong . . .
Once So Strong . . .
Once So Strong . . .
Now to join death’s throng!


2 thoughts on “Once So Strong

  1. yeah! lifes this way!

    today I read a lot of sayings on life.
    there was one I loved most.

    “life is a story:! Make urs the best seller “:p

    this is kind of strange abt life…its phases .
    sometimes I wonder…we are on this earth just to experince things

    1. Yes, oh yes! God has given us time and blank pages to fill . . . Indeed, may we write our story well as we wander through the valleys and mountains, brooks and streams, plains and coastlines . . . May we write a best-seller!

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