I Sing A New Song

Once wandering, tossed-out vagabond,
Lost in the wilderness at the cost my life,
My feet stumbled, to the earth I crumbled,
Crying aloud ‘n lying to myself
That I was not really dying . . .

And I longed to belong
To sing a new song . . .

Too proud to admit the crowd had passed
By me ‘n I was drowning in my own tears
And fear engulfed me and seared my soul,
Leaving a hole in my forlorn heart
And no hope for another start . . .

And I longed to belong
To sing a new song . . .

But then you came, crossing desert plain,
With emerald eyes easily spied my pain
And the invisible chain that wrapped me;
Your look pierced deep in me;
You read me like an open book,
Then lifted me in strong suntanned arms,
Russet-brown hair blowing in the wind,
And you carried me to the place I belong,

And, oh, how I now sing a new song . . .
I sing a new song
Because I belong;
I sing a new song!


5 thoughts on “I Sing A New Song

  1. aha!

    wat a lovely song this wud be!:p

    a romantik one? jonathan


    I m getting positive vibes from this poem!
    : )

    yeah! yeah! yeah!

    sing it &
    I m eager to hear! :p

    how r u dear one

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