And So I Dive . . . Alive

Amazing rapture in loving you loving me
On the sea of new life with endless view!
Captain of my boat afloat on soft waves,
Master of worlds near and so remote . . .

Hold me close, hold me dear, be my cheer
As I slide into the stream of your dreams,
Beams of promise, cream of new life . . .

My bout with doubt disappears
In your emerald eyes
That hold no lies

You command as you plunge your right hand
Into warm water that swarms with creatures,
‘Now dive! And swim alive in this my soul sea,
And have no fear, for I am ever ‘n always near!’

My bay of dismay and profusion of confusion
Is now more memory, more a sensory vapor,
And I cling to you, who brings me joy untold
As you unfold your flawless plan ‘n promises

And you will never say ‘goodbye’ and fly away,
No! You will never say ‘goodbye’ and fly away!

And so I dive . . . I dive!

Note: This is really the third part to Sailing the Deep Soul Sea and Sailing the Deep Soul Sea II


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