Underside: Another Look at Peace

Peace comes at an awfully high premium
But the stadium is filled with customers
And the very effort can crack the cranium

Peace is allusive and illusive . . .
Some would say even delusive
And the fight for peace abusive

Peace, you see, is often individual perception
Or group conception that allows no exception
And arises from an apperception that chokes
Off the inception of any ideas however ideal

Peace may even be a double-edged sword
Read ‘n available on the diplomatic board
To slice both ways at the roll of the dice
Making men into mice not so really nice

And peace at any cost means freedom lost
So frost covers agreements never ratified
In this variegated, stratified world of ours
For, after all, it’s much easier to make war

And sometimes peace can be a prostitute
Quite astute in her charmed dealings
Creating piercing ‘n poignant feelings
While blood is spilled, more coffins filled

Peace, you say? Whose peace?
And how reads the high lease
To make all wars finally cease?

No, peace begins within where we are able,
Not at the negotiating table of fancy fables

Think of this as people cry, ‘Peace! Peace!’
Release idyllic visions
And begin with the better part of the heart
Saturated in genuine love from up above . . .

Note: This poem was indirectly inspired by my friend and fellow-blogger, Sheldon Kleeman


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