Be My Lover Today, Forever

When the sun rises it seems so empty without you
Though there’s plenty of bright light and clear skies;
Without you the new day seems already old ‘n cold
Though it’s warm outside, but with you by my side
Even the fiercest bite of winter can’t pierce my soul;
You fill the hole in my life ‘n thrill my beating heart,
Not in part but fully fill ‘n guard me against the chill
Like the skilled lover you are, but when you do seem
So far away my mind strays into confusion and life
Becomes an appalling illusion in which the chimera
Raises her horrid head beside my bed covering me
With nightmares I dare not face alone, and so I cry
And call to you to be true to our love and rescue me;
Oh, rescue me, indeed, from the raging sea of vanity
And persistence in vacuous existence . . .
I offer you no resistance, only insistence,
For even beautiful moonlight at night is but a blight
Apart from you . . . I need you . . . I feed upon you . . .
Come and stay, never to stray . . . be my Lover today


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