There Is Something Going On

There is something going on beneath the surface,
Something of purpose that escapes the naked eye;
There is an unseen profundity in life all around me;
Even though I cannot see, I can sense the degree
Of complexity and the intricacy and even intensity
Of machinations in which I have only my station;
Life is far more than we can know
And life never shows itself in full,
(which may be why I’m like a bull in a china shop!)
And this can seem cruel but, alas, tis really a mercy;
But how odd it does feel to feel intense movement
All around you, knowing but not knowing, bound
To affect your life in some way some unwary day;
Yes there is surely something going on underneath
Still in its sheath, perhaps, but there and I’m aware
I’m aware . . .


6 thoughts on “There Is Something Going On

    1. Wonderful! I was afraid folks might think I’m crazy (and maybe some do! lol) But it’s good to know I’m not alone! Thank you so very, very much for your comment. God bless you!

  1. Am I seeking to get confirmation of my suspicions, or am I seeking a bitter truth that I have felt so long but can’t put my finger on it or am I truly seeking to find the poison that entered my soul and still rots there fermenting?

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