Emerald Eyes of Love and Justice

What do your sharp emerald eyes see
Among all of this heartbreaking debris?
An end of false love but a new beginning
Just round the next bend with singing?
What do your sharp emerald eyes speak
As they peek into the mystical future?
Will there be nurture for the forsaken?
Will she awaken to a new, brighter life
No longer rife with pain
And lighter joy to gain?
What do your emerald eyes now promise?
Will there be healing in kneeling prayer?
So much distorting, so much comforting
Is needed . . . and surely you have heeded
Her cries rising to the skies, without lies?
Protect her now from the obscene snake
For the sake of her own innocent purity!
What do your sharp emerald eyes see?
An obscene man who breathes iniquity?
And shall you give this man any reprieve
Or force him to tuck his tail and leave?


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