Demands of Reality

Is it wrong to dream, to ever sail the clouds of fantasy?
To escape your agony in some kind of numinous alchemy?
Ah! But to grant mindless amnesty to your known enemy!
To twist reality into absentee truth in a sea of abuse???
Dreams are often heavenly cream to the tarnished soul,
But fantasia can be as dangerous as the jungles of Asia!
So why are you sipping tea amid the debris of your home?
Why are you dancing with the devil again
When you know he will ultimately win???
Why are you taking the bait and waiting for genuine love?
You already know the grand show ‘n how it always goes!
You take your cue from voices inside your head
And then gladly give the devil his due . . . foolish!
When the hell are you going to take a stand and demand
What is right, before night comes when there is no light?
You live in frightful contradiction, giving in to addiction
Of fantastical scenes that never were nor ever will be!
Oh my dear one! You bit the Disney chip long, long ago
And decided to forgo living real life in the real world . . .
No, it is not wrong to dream,
But very dangerous to give in
To the schemes of false voices, making such sick choices!
Dammit! Drive the devil from your home
And let him write his own tome alone!
Step out of Wonderland, take the band of Truth in hand,
And walk and talk in brutal honesty . . .
Sometimes reality makes this demand!


5 thoughts on “Demands of Reality

  1. It is not bad to dream because you cannot just accept life like it comes to you. No matter how disappointing life becomes at some point, we shouldn’t really stop dreaming because never know. Just wait for the magic to happen and if it doesn’t, life isn’t over yet. 😉

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