Whirlwind for Heavenly Bazaar

MississippianInk2-by-irlaAs the whirlwind wraps me in her arms and whispers in my ear so near,

I hear the voices of seven thousand souls from heaven to leaven the air,

And my hair blows back gently as she stares in my eyes, spies my heart:

‘Where did you go wrong, my dear? What song do you sing that brings

Such pain with no gain? Take my hand and feel the grand spirits of old;

Be bold and let them take hold of your spirit but for one swift moment

To sift you and make you whole again.’ My arms stretched to blue sky

Above to try to embrace the whole celestial realm, but she only laughed

In love: ‘No; open up within and they will begin to hold you, woo you

And fill you with true song ~ long on love ~ guide you where you belong,

And you will rest in numinous nest as in the days of old so cold now

In your memory.’ I’d fallen far and could no longer see my guiding star,

My soul reservoir nearly empty where once there’d been plenty: ‘Come.

Come above, my love, and I’ll show you an heavenly bazaar from which 

You may fill yourself to overflowing.’ And my world started growing,

My mistress lord glowing in the fresh wind blowing: ‘Child so mild,

Yet heart untamed and wild, like me all of treasure of all of the Cosmos

Have been here, not there; all around you, but you’ve been so long bound.’

And tis true . . . but now the world opened up wide, and there I’ll abide.

Here I’ll abide!

Note: Originally published in February 2016, being republished now due to some renewed interest as well as to simply share with new followers/readers. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Whirlwind for Heavenly Bazaar

  1. It’s still a joy to read it, again. There’s a certain kind of tenderness in this narrative that makes one pause to take it all in. Simply beautiful!

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