Who Will Peek Beneath Your Hood Of Words?

Always, in every way, every day
You give until you bleed to feed
Your hungry need to be understood
Even beneath your hood of words;
It’s the only means to speak,
To give the world a peek
Into your overflowing soul,
Slowing the rhythm of your heart
To show in part the art of who
You are and what you’ve been
From the start; does anyone listen?
Do they read to fulfill your need?
Yet you open another vein believing
But ne’er receiving what’s beyond
Your conceiving: You’re deceiving
Yourself again, but when you begin
To realize the prize you want
Is beyond you to seize; it’s just
Another disease of the human soul,
Bowl of emptiness…
But you keep trying, lying to your
Heart that you’ll find the better
Part of humanity even among insanity,
And this for your own vanity:
You’re but a grain of beach sand,
Member of the wandering band
Of flesh-and-blood, fresh from
Its own pen marks on otherwise
Blank pages supplied by heavenly
Sages down through the ages, so…
Who will peek beneath your hood
Of words, where birds of self-
Revelation fly before you
Say goodbye after you try
Just one more time, just once more?

Note: Previously published in December 2015, republished due to some renewed interest and also for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Peace and blessings to all!


15 thoughts on “Who Will Peek Beneath Your Hood Of Words?

        1. I’ve noticed that, and I have no idea… I’ve also noticed some other changes, too, for example: I can no longer edit my pictures, such as choosing the border or no border. Strange.

              1. Me too! Some of their updates are downgrades, if you ask me. Now I can’t make my image borders gold!! D:

                Oh…. I finally sent you an email with the book. That took me long enough, lol.

              2. Oh, trust me. I’m anxious too. Not to read it, but for people to read it. Haha. I’ve had a dislike-love relationship with this book. Probably because I read through it and revised it a bazillion times. Maybe a bit more than that. XD

  1. I like this. I can easily imagine the cadence of the word flow. If I understand your message as you intended, I feel this way often, wanting to be understood, yet never completely sure that I am because the other puts their own meaning and judgements which have more to do with them than I. Then being disappointed and wanting to draw into self out of distrust…..

    1. Yes, you hit the proverbial nail on the head! That’s exactly how I often feel. . . Thank you so much for understanding, and thank you for your most gracious comment. All the best to you with blessings!

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