Maybe Not Quite 31 Days, But …

Okay, so Maja over at Business in Rhyme has taken up a 31-day Poem Challenge in which she will literally write a 31-day poem, adding about three stanzas to the existing poem each day through the month of December. She has also invited her readers to do the same. In her words:

. . . in the next 31 days, in the coming December I intent to write 31 day long poem. Sounds strange?🙂 Well, what I actually want to do is to write ONE poem for 31 days. The goal is to add at least three stanzas each day . . . In this way, I think I will practice more my focus and attention, because as the time progresses I will have to each time read my poem from the beginning in order to continue it. So after couple of days, it will really require to keep up my concentration and follow the thinking pattern.

Well, I for one, found this very intriguing. Maja gives some other good reasons for doing this, and then invites her readers to participate. (If you think you’d like to do this, then please visit her blog and read the whole article. That would be helpful, and you can courteously let her know that you also are participating!) 

To be honest, though, 31 days sounds and feels a bit daunting, soooo . . . I’ve decided to challenge myself a bit less. I’m going to give this idea a “go” for seven days. (Okay! Call me a whimp! LOL) And, well, I will be doing this for basically the same reasons; I just don’t know that I’m quite up to 31 days… But you know what? If at the end of seven days I think I want to continue, then I’ll just do that! At any rate, this should be interesting and fun!


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