Seven Day Poem (Day Five)

On November 29th I began a seven-day poem with one stanza, and committed to adding one each day thereafter for seven days. This is Day Five. (For more info on why I’m doing this, please read my previous article.) So in the end I should have one whole poem with seven stanzas, each one having been written on a different day…

Seven-Day Poem

You intrigued me by being intrigued by me
As I wondered, ‘how can this possibly be?’
Am I to have another ‘she’ in my poor life
And will it be but another knife to my soul?

Now part of my heart feels young once again
As I begin to ponder all of the possibilities
But reality attacks and smacks me in the face
Reminding me of my actual place in this life

I am not really old but I am growing old
And though my heart is warm, my body is cold;
And I have not the strength to chase rabbits,
Or to form new habits or weather the storm

But you, you would shove all else aside for love,
To drink deeply from the rich cream of full life,
To fulfill your most cherished childhood dreams,
And no team of strong stallions can tear you away!

You deny reality staring you straight in the face
As you pace back and forth considering the worth
Of a bond newly birthed in raw desire unearthed
Never thinking we’ve nothing to give for this to live

Note: Thank you to Maja at  Business in Rhyme for inspiring me to take up this challenge! By the way, her own 31-day poem is progressing very nicely, so if you haven’t done so, you should check it out! Blessings!


12 thoughts on “Seven Day Poem (Day Five)

  1. “I am not really old but I am growing old; / though my heart is warm, my body is cold.” Oh dear: I know that feeling all too well. Now I can only chase rabbits in my dreams!

    1. Oh, thank you so much so saying so! You’ve brightened my day and put a smile in my heart and on my lips. As always, all the best to you with peace and blessings!

  2. This is an accomplished piece of writing. I love the form, imagery, tone, pacing and how you reflect on love. And this line, I am not really old but I am growing old…” captures the message perfectly!

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