Bid Farewell to Your Monster

Does the monster wander back to try to conquer,
To conjure up fears like a stalker from your past?
Even though you have commanded him to leave?
Stand strong, reprimand and demand the demon
Never return; be brave; allow your heart to burn!
Remember that the monster has no right
To cause you fright or to blight your day!
He has no place in this space you call your home;
He has no authority nor any priority in your life;
He has no power over you to tower o’er the soul;
Be finally done with him, then, and let not his sin
Any more room in your heart again to tear apart!
Make him to hear your clarion call
To have him gone once and for all!
Be rid of the demon as you bid your final farewell!
Say your final ‘goodbye’ to the nefarious monster!


7 thoughts on “Bid Farewell to Your Monster

  1. I still tie my closet doors at night so the monster cant get me without making noise first, giving up my demons is like giving up my leg because they have consumed me for so long. I dont want to think they are gone and gets a surprise attack even though the attack is not coming because it has never stopped in my mind and spirit…so i guess an attack is just my sight of the demon instead of the thought.

    1. I certainly understand demons that haunt you for years upon years, so much so that they nearly become part of your life. I hope and pray that one day you won’t have to put up with the attacks or tie your closet doors at night… That is an awful way to have to live, and I’m deeply thankful that I no longer have to live in the shadows of my own monsters! Thank you so much for commenting, and all the very best to you with peace and blessings!

  2. I like this getting rid of our inner ‘monster or demon.’ Unfortunate, we can only control them but sonetimes they always peep out. Nice piece 🙂

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