New Blogzine: Pax et Dolor

Hello friends, followers, and readers! Jyotee (aka “Isolated Girl”) and I have jointly created a new online magazine, or blogzine, called Pax et Dolor.

Pax et Dolar is Latin simply meaning “peace and pain,” the name we chose for this online blogzine quite simply because life is filled with both peace and pain. In the poetry, prose, photography and art work offered here you will likely find expressions of both. Hopefully ~ and it is our aim ~ you will also find unique contributions from a variety of poets, writers, photographers, and artists. And this is where you come in … maybe, hopefully!

We are looking for contributions to all of the above categories (plus one more mentioned below), and invite you to e-mail submissions of prose (please try to keep it to 1,000 words or less!), poetry, photography or artwork to And, of course, prose can include personal stories, short stories, flash fiction, advice columns, travel articles, etc.

We have also thrown in another category just for the heck of it, and that is: cuisine. Here you might very well discover your next dinner! Or you might very well contribute a recipe for someone else’s dinner! We hope and pray above all that you will at least enjoy your stay at Pax et Dolor and will decide to return … and even follow us! And with that said, blessings to one and all.


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