Expressing Inexpressible Love

You make art in my heart that’s ready to explode
Since you rode in and made me your free abode,
And do I really comprehend the end of the design
As I resign myself to you to drink your fine wine?
You shine in my soul and refine me to pure gold,
As I am told you boldly do with all of your lovers
Under the cover of your hovering wings,
And my heart sings in the joy you bring!
Ah! But words fail to express the sheer loveliness
Of your presence in the quiescence of my spirit,
Or the delight I feel as I bathe in your bright light;
In your sight all fright disappears —
No blight, fight or reason for flight —
All is as right as the fairest moonlight at midnight;
Oh! And I cannot repress what I cannot express,
And how this distresses and even depresses me!
Yet with what skill I have I will try even as I sigh
At how very short I fall in answering such a call;
That is, to express an ongoing inexpressible love
… an inexpressible love above all and everlasting

Note: Previously published in early October 2016. Republished here as well as on Pax et Dolor, an online magazine you really should visit!

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