You Feel So Far Away

What do I do when you feel so far away?
How do I hold at bay my lonely feelings,
And not stray into despondent remorse,
And take another course in this journey?
My heart, torn apart, hungers for a look
And much more your soft loving touch!
My soul pines for your fine compassion
As I wait with ashen face for your love;
O when will you settle again above me
To see your sharp eyes as you hold me?
Ah! What to do? You feel so far away!
Come! Come again to stay, night ‘n day!

Note: Previously published in early November 2016


3 thoughts on “You Feel So Far Away

    1. Yes, after reading both parts of your own hurt and journey to healing, it’s not surprising that this piece really strikes a chord, BUT there is One who is faithful … and that One is closer than our very own breath, even when we FEEL like there is some distance, some separation.

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