Blocked Path Ahead

My soul has locked my gaze on the blocked path ahead
But I try to remember what you said as I lie in my bed;
So do I tread carefully ‘n lightly along this nightly way,
And strain to hear what else you might say to me today;
For now the trail seems to fail me; I hail you from afar!
My heart cracks and back is breaking beneath this sack
Of worries and concerns as I scurry all around looking
For the right path, unlocked and unblocked, and yet not
One opening appears . . . only one overgrown is shown
To me as I wonder how I blundered so badly, so madly
Into such a situation and ask, ‘Where are you presently?’
That I might bask in your beauty and feel your security;
Ah! My soul has locked gaze on blocked path ahead . . .


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