Crossing the Bridge

There is a bridge and I’m standing at the ridge
Looking down into a deep, bottomless chasm,
And you’re on the other side with enthusiasm,
Just waiting for me to cross without any loss,
With only a different adventure exciting to gain;
No, not without any pain or strain,
But definitely one without a stain!
You’re there on the other side without baiting,
But only patiently standing without demanding,
Knowing that I am ready to take my first steps
Because I thirst so much for you and only you;
My heart is ready to burst, so I put fear aside
Just to be near you, so dear you are to my heart;
Now I will cross the bridge from ridge to ridge
Just to be with you and beautiful love so true
. . .
But the bridge has no railings
And I fear failing and falling in the crossing . . .
But your emerald eyes are calling . . . calling me


7 thoughts on “Crossing the Bridge

    1. Thank you,Tanya! This is precisely what I’m doing right now in my life … so this one comes from present, personal experience. But the One standing on the other side is One worth reaching, and the adventure will definitely be new, fresh and exciting! 🙂

  1. Lovely piece. The fear of crossing/falling overcome by her feelings for him, that he is worth the risk. Happy New Year!

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