And You Sing to Me

How could I lie to you while captured by your piercing gaze?
Life has been like trekking thru a maze through a thick haze,
So when you asked, ‘Do you really trust me?’ it was a bust,
And felt like a powerful gust of wind nearly blowing me over;
Your voice was so penetrating and I knew you already knew!
Not a few times I’ve had to hang my head in shame in blame,
And this was no game and your inquiry anything but tame!
Your emerald eyes stabbed me to the very center of my heart
And tore me apart piece by piece and I felt no peace inside,
But I could not abide by your side in silence; I had to answer,
‘No . . . I guess I really do not, and I’m sorry,’ but you knew
And so you simply smiled; at least I didn’t skew my answer,
And so you at least appreciated my honesty and my integrity,
Which is why your reply was so soothing: ‘I thought as much
And it’s alright; you’ll learn even if it burns, but you’ll turn
To me time and time again as you churn inside;’ and I cried;
How many times already have you brought rhythm ‘n rhyme
To my life? How often and how deeply have you loved me
And hovered over me in protective care? You, my one prayer?
So now you’ve just removed another dirty, encrusted layer
So that I’m closer to shining in the bright light you bring . . .
You sing to me a new song as I bring to you all my longings;
Yes, yes . . . you sing to me


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