Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is like the turbulent sea;
My soul is a labyrinthine mystery,
And you would quake at what you
Find in the quagmire of my mind!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is a bog covered with fog;
My nights are blighted with fright,
And you would get lost and tossed
About and chilled by my cold frost!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is at least mostly the beast
As I ceased long ago to belong to
Humanity, choosing an anonymity
With no amenity to lovers like you!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
This is my most desperate plea!
Turn away and walk into the day!

Note: When I first wrote this poem in November 2016 I actually did not think it was one of my best, but as it turned out it happened to be a favorite among my readers. Now, within one day, there has been quite some renewed interest in this poem; therefore, it is being republished for the enjoyment (and hopefully appreciation) of new reader-followers. All the best to all with peace and blessings!


23 thoughts on “Don’t Fall in Love with Me

  1. How does one react to that ? It simply blows your mind it has a raw intense appeal.It is wonderful . How does one counter internal strife ,the restlessness in a cold clinical manner.I loved it .Thanks it reaches the innermost confines.

    1. Oh thank you so very much for your gracious analysis, Veena! You have greatly lifted my spirits this morning… I am so glad that this piece resonated so deeply and powerfully with you! All the best to you w/peace and blessings!

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