What When Words Fail Me?

Oh, what to do when words fail me?
Close my eyes and inhale you deeply,
Exhale slowly and lowly bow to you,
Feel your tender touch, ever slight,
Not much but enough that such love
Surges in my heart, thru every part
Of my being but seeing is believing,
And so I slowly open my eyes again
And begin once more to wonder . . .
How glad to see your bright beauty!
You are my light, whole of my sight,
Rest in the night and my one delight;
Could it be that there are no words
But only birds of peace ‘n affection?
Ah! You are the reflection of all love,
And I want to sing to bring you joy!
Oh, but what when words fail me?
So, too, could I charm the Charmer
Without harm to my very own soul?
Perhaps it is best to simply rest . . .
Rest my head upon your chest . . .
Rest upon the best of life without

Note: First published in November 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest and for the enjoyment (I dearly hope) or new reader-followers. All the best to all with peace and blessings!


8 thoughts on “What When Words Fail Me?

  1. Beautify Jonathan!

    I don’t typically read a lot of poetry now, except yours, to be candid. I did read a lot of poetry as part of my literature courses during my undergrad program. Your poetry reminds me of the depth and shades of deep emotion that can be expressed (and felt) in good poetry. I have to say that as I read your work above I found myself wanting to say ‘This reminds me some of John Keats’s work.’ You have the poet’s soul!

    1. Oh my! Your gracious words lift my spirit, and bring a smile to my heart and lips! Thank you so much, Jeff… I could scarcely think of a better compliment than the one you have so freely given me! As always, all the best to you (and yours) w/blessings!

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