Something Has Changed, Something Strange

Something has changed inside you, something strange
Over the whole range of your person, now rearranged,
Yet you smile the same way and walk through the day
Just as you always have, but it’s as if you have cried
For the last time and somehow have now died inside;
So as we walk side by side now and talk as we have,
There is only your shell, your inner-well has run dry;
And try as I might the sight is not the same, not really;
You are present, persisting in existing, but with no life;
Is this just the gyration my imagination, or is it true?
Did your spirit finally break for the sake of survival?
And is there is no hope of revival? Are you living dead?
Something has changed inside you, something strange;
Yes, something vital has changed you are not the same


14 thoughts on “Something Has Changed, Something Strange

  1. Life is about changes, seeing changes and accepting changes.

    Because, they say we are here in Earth just to experience these things.

    If we accept this truth, no changes matter at all.

    Just keep smiling , like you do. 🙂

  2. I remember being young and hearing my spirit tell me “I have to get out of here or you aren’t going to make it”. But it returned. I had to release all the stuff I put in place to live back then. I believe (from my experience) our spirits are there and want to be back in the saddle. Beautiful words of yours…..

    1. Ah! I can relate, Julia … I can relate! Thank you for sharing your experience, and thank you for your gracious compliment! All of the best to you with blessings!

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