As I Look Out My Window

There is peace this day in a new lease on life,
As I look out my window and the way is clear
Even underneath dreary skies and I so weary;
Cold rains will come but my soul is not glum
As I hear the drumbeat of my own heart alive
With the rhythm of life with no strife this day
And so I stay awhile looking out upon nature
Without failure to welcome her timelessness
And the righteousness of her fluctuating gifts;
Yes, I am alive to thrive, not merely to survive
And this truth does not escape my own mind
As a kind of quiet revelation of the revolution
Of each morning I awaken without mourning,
And so I am thankful for the peace of this day
As I look out my window and the way is clear


10 thoughts on “As I Look Out My Window

    1. And I am so glad to be your neighbor, and thank you, not only for your gracious comment, but for the honor of adding me to you Beautiful Souls page. All the best to you w/peace and blessings!

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