Do You Still Dream of Me?

Ah! Do you still dream of me as your companion to be?
Do you still picture me as a fixture in your pretty life?
Oh, but don’t you know I have nothing more to show?
But you still persist in insisting that I am a better man
Than ever I have allowed myself to believe
And you will relieve me of all my burdens
And receive me as I am because you see more than me!
Are you certain or should we just bring the curtain down
On this stage play right here, right now, this very day?
But you say, ‘No, this is no mere show but real truth!’
You say, ‘You are much more than some boar in life!’
You say, ‘I can see who you are and all that you can be;
So trust me to be who and what I am in your life, too!’
And yet I have nothing to give for even myself to live,
So what can I give unto you . . . except myself so true?
Ah! Do you still dream of me as your companion to be?


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