No Romero, Not Here! Not Here!

Dearest Romero, you cannot come here out of fear;
You see, we don’t know you and only a few want to;
You have made your pilgrimage at such a young age,
But all for not for we have bought this wall
As a clarion call that we’re surely not for all,
Even the weak and small like you, O Romero!
Say, can you see the torch held high up into the sky?
Fire once burned there to light the night sky
As a bright beacon of hope for those who cry;
But now we must say ‘good bye’ and just let you die,
For we have no place for your face ‘n no more grace;
O Romero, what are you thinking as you’re blinking?
Skies here are not blue for you,
And your skin is the wrong hue!
From sea to sea shall we be ever so discriminatory?
Dearest Romero, you cannot come here out of fear!
Not here, lad, not here . . . for we are filled with fear!

Note: Romero is both a Spanish and an Italian surname meaning: A person on a religious journey or pilgrimage . . . (also) an herb of rosemary symbolizing remembrance and fidelity.


7 thoughts on “No Romero, Not Here! Not Here!

  1. With the current sad situation with regards to refugees…this one really got me.
    As a ‘herb-woman’, I didn’t know that about rosemary; nice fact 🙂

  2. Noblethemes, hi ! my name is Ernesto . I just came across of your blog and I found it very interesting and I am looking forward to read more of your poetry . I am new at wordpress by the way and I am so excited to meet more talented people as your persona. Have a very nice weekend .

    1. Thank you so very much, Ernesto! All of the very best to you in your new blogging venture… I believe you will find it to be an exciting one! Blessings to you!

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