Comes the Rain, the Sun (Triple Haiku)

Refreshing rains come
And then again shines the sun
Both to restore life

All to refresh earth
Does the Lord cycle nature
Both wild and tame

And life is no game
And never remains the same
But does continue . . .

On and on to infinity

14 thoughts on “Comes the Rain, the Sun (Triple Haiku)

  1. And life is no game…Wish more people realize and accept that.

    Another series of beautiful posts/poems by your hand, Jonathan.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and a wonderful new week with new adventures to inspire you. Even growing older and a body cold, your beautiful soul is made of gold.
    Looking forward to you next pieces of art and to connect again.

    1. Ah! May you have a most wonderful weekend and new week, too, dear Patty! From the depths of my heart, I thank you again for your most gracious and encouraging words! All of the best to you w/peace and blessings!

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