Fall Into Your Eyes

Silently, softly, I fall into your eyes
And know for you I hold no surprise;
Emerald gaze, penetrating, intoxicating,
Here there is luscious, lovely serenity
And happily I know I am secure;
To look in you is crossing the brook
From shadows into real reality,
An unseen world all around me
And I am bound by your affection,
Deflection from earth in reflection
Of heaven; you leaven my heart,
Not in part but in whole,
Throughout my soul
And fill the hole in my life
To overflowing, glowing radiantly
With you . . . with merely a glance,
By no chance, but because you see me
And cleave to me as I cleave to you
And together we swim in the blue
Ocean of the sky by day and by night,
Through the dark into the light,
But you are brighter still than the sun
And the moon and all the stars afar . . .
Soon, very soon, we will forever
Be together, heart in heart, ne’er to part
Ne’er to part . . . heart in heart as one

Note: Previously published in October 2016, this is one of my personal favorites. It is my hope that new reader-followers will enjoy this poem as well. God bless!


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