The Prodigal

Yeah, I remember that day, the day I turned and walked away;
And did I even say goodbye or just fly out into the unknown?
Yeah, it was great for awhile, but I had no mate; I was alone
And eventually chilled to the bone, just like dead cold stone;
Did I hear you calling me back from falling into my own pit?
Ah! but I refused to listen, confused by my own damn idea
Of some great panacea that only proved to be a real sick kick!
But you never took your eyes off of me; you could always see,
And you kept calling while I was curled in the corner balling;
So now will this prodigal return or continue to burn inside
Of himself, where he’s pressed to abide? But you do not chide;
Sweetly, softly, your voice neatly flows in the cool breeze…
It’s been so long since I’ve known what it means to belong,
To be held in your arms, protected from all harms and alarms;
But will I wait at your gate or enter your chamber so great?
Will I, the prodigal, come home to you?
Ah! you knew … you knew, didn’t you?

Note: Previously published in April 2016, now republished for the reading enjoyment of new followers. Blessings to one and all!


13 thoughts on “The Prodigal

  1. Please, let the prodigal return! An extremely powerful write Jon. At first glance, it looks like the poet is talking about a lost lover/beloved and clearly there is a lot of repentance in his voice. But then 2-3 readings later, the picture starts getting clearer. The poet has strayed perhaps from the path he had been on, the path that he now he has no doubt he was too quick and rash to have digressed from. The final line then is quite something in itself. A standalone in my opinion where a plethora of emotions hide behind an innocuous “ah, you knew, didn’t you?” Its as if the poet has resigned to his fate and is now longer fighting with the emotions within and around.
    A power-packed write, dear friend. Truly!

    1. You have understood what I’ve written perfectly, Nandita. From beginning to end, you have captured my meaning with unclouded clarity… In this, you make my heart sing! Thank you … for your very gracious words AND for understanding! All the best to you w/blessings!

      1. Yes, and I understood something else as well. Which I chose not to point out. 🙂 Please check your mail, Jon.

  2. Your writing is lovely, but from this and the one I read before, can I deduce that there’s a deep faith running through this? Please ignore my question if it’s too personal 🙂

    1. Not at all too personal (for me, anyway.) Truly, I wish I could say that there is deep faith interwoven in both (and other earlier pieces, too), but I struggle. Still, there is hope and (weak) faith; there is light in the darkness. And so you’ve probably deduced that both pieces are mystico-spiritual… Thank you for reading, commenting AND asking! 🙂 🙂

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