One Common Thread

Is there the bright Light that pierces the fierce black of night?
Is there the Word that is heard above the cacophony of the earth?
Is there the shining Hope that helps us cope with the pain
In what seems an insane world into which we’ve been hurled?

Is there the true Line to be read in the dark witching hour?
Is there the Blood that does not taint but rather paints all
Of Life with humanity and humanity with untainted Life?
Is there the Heart that beats with Joy untold and bold?

Is there Food to fill the bowl of the soul so that it overflows?
Is there Peace strong enough to give new lease to new life?
Is there abundance of Good to spread about without redundancy?
Is there the Way to find the ‘I’ of me, who I’m supposed to be?

Before all and after all, there is the preeminence of silence,
But the Voice speaks into the void choice words of creativity
And there is then the Nativity of Life before life and death,
Serenity before insanity, and wondrous gain before the pain.

Is there one common Thread that has led us to where we are
Among the stars, resting on one small bed in the vast Cosmos?
And has Someone said they will heal the ancient scars of war
and seal the new destiny, in which we feel at home at last?

Perhaps … Yes

Note: Inspired by And It’s Dark by the very talented Jyotee of Life is all about PAIN and originally published in August 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!


12 thoughts on “One Common Thread

  1. My dear Jonathan!

    Firstly! Thank you for linking with me.

    Perhaps… Yes!

    Wat a beautiful thing to say. Ended with a hope!

    We all need that.
    To find I of me! , for peace.

    Very beautiful n fierce!

    Keep smiling : )
    Good Morning ( perhaps night there)

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