To the Distant Unkown

I see so many running up and down this well-worn coast,
Never stopping, always moving, with only sand in hand to boast;
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and lonely men no one will host.

I see the water waves always moving, rolling in and out,
Again and again, unceasing, unbothered, never reason to shout;
And in the distance vague harbor where anchors the ship, tall and stout.

I see one barely, shadowy, turning toward me and smiling,
At the harbor, prepared to board, to bid farewell before sailing;
And how does she know to go, why, and to what distant shore awaiting?

I see her turning again to board, not sadly, to sail away,
To leave frenzied coast of grand illusion, and will this man stay?
But there is the harbor in the distance, calling me to redemption bay.

I see the ship, so regal, slowly pull out into ocean deep,
And I cry an unspoken good-bye, yet such sight I’ll ever keep;
I’ll no longer run along this coast, nor boast, though long I may weep.

I see many on this shore with no more than sand in hand,
But I’ll make my way to harbor to sail away to an unknown land;
Alone, perhaps, yet someone may see me, too, where I saw her stand.

No, I’ll not stay, but board, and not sadly, to sail away…

To sail away…

Note: Originally published sometime in late 2015 and republished in April 2016, this is one of my own personal favorites that came to mind and heart today to share with new reader-followers.


18 thoughts on “To the Distant Unkown

    1. Thank you, Eva! πŸ™‚ This one was inspired by some good reading… One line in particular struck me: “Few are those who reach the other shore; most people keep running up and down this shore.” And then, of course, there were (are) those who stop running and make the voyage to the other, better shore. It seemed very fitting at this point in my life.

  1. …to leave frenzied coast of grand illusion! Deep and profound this one and I can see why it is one of your favourites, Jon…poignant and of course beautifully written… πŸ™‚

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