The Christ Sonnet

Thou knowest thy love is enfolded within my breast
That come the tempest of life I shall pass thy test,
And shall rest me in thine arms safe from all harms,
For thou art my all in all, best of all heavenly charms,
And thy grand love for me I know full well and sing
In great cathedrals for thou art love and love ye bring
To even me in fullest measure as an ethereal treasure,
And shall I despise what thou givest for my pleasure?
Nay! Nor shall I turn away from thine eyes of passion,
But shall forever behold thee in greatest compassion,
For thou didst endure scorn and bloody tree for me!
Seest thou my passion for thee and let us united be!
For at thine altar fine do I pay my vows of loyalty
To be but one with thee and thee with me in royalty!


17 thoughts on “The Christ Sonnet

  1. Why are u so in depression dear.we all are children of Almighty.He gives always attention his followers n want us to enjoy d life who is most precious gift of God.perhaps u have written wonderful sonnet.

        1. In the Christian faith it is more like a marriage of the believer to Christ… It is a very intimate, personal relationship, and this sonnet is meant to reflect that relationship, so … it is actually very positive and upbeat! ๐Ÿ˜‰ All the best to you, Aruna, with blessings!

          1. Yeah,very positive and your Christian faith,we Indians keep faith in personal relationship with God by soul.i am glad to know about your such thought.actually,i am trying to say as you say.thanks n bless to you.

  2. Marvelous. I really love how the last sentence is some kind of a summary of the meaning behind the whole poem. I hope this makes sense.

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