The Shepherd’s Song

Let it be that you begin with me and end with me,
That you awaken in the morning in my strong arms
With me watching over you with no alarm,
And that you go to sleep safe from all harm;
Walk with me and talk with me all along life’s way,
Each and every day, for with you I will forever stay
And never stray, so do not stray from me but stay!
Stay close to my side and here abide in quiet peace
With new lease on life and no knife will cut between,
And take from me all I have to give and so fully live
In bold assurance and silent serenity on into infinity;
Yes . . .
Let it be that you begin with me and end with me,
Morning, noon and night, guarded from every blight,
For I will never be out of sight but your bright light,
So let it be!


26 thoughts on “The Shepherd’s Song

  1. Wonderful and emotional reading dis post,i am feeling mental peace. My soul is saying-one body guard is always stand with you for security.hey noble guy !! From where you bring so much heart touching words? I want to say you-please publish your all written works as a beautiful book.

  2. I love how everything flows. The rhythm and rhyme is quite bewitching. Reminds me of Sufi mystics and their Beloved. Simply beautiful, Jonathan! 🙂

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