Pages of Time: The Unseen Hand

An unseen hand turns the pages of time
And ages fly by but the sky still remains,
And does the range of humanity change?
Time, it seems, has been a poor teacher,
And history, too, an ill-sought preacher;
Thus the same lessons are taught
And oh-so very quickly forgotten
By unruly pupils who never do graduate
But so contemptuously self-congratulate
For achievements that grow cold
As their age grows old with time
As that unseen hand turns another page,
And for all our rage, we pass as shadows
Into the frightful blight of historic night,
But the sky still remains and gives rain
To wash away the stain of our humanity
. . .
An unseen hand turns the pages of time,
Page after page, age upon age upon age


17 thoughts on “Pages of Time: The Unseen Hand

      1. You are absolutely right. And don’t mention it, it is always such a pleasure. I don’t always comment, but believe me, I am ready. Stay amazing

  1. ‘An unseen hand turns the pages of time,
    Page after page, age upon age upon age’ Brilliant composition and marvellous penned lines Jonathan. These last lines were a masterpiece. Yes an unseen hand who only know each and everyone of us and he knows what to do and where we are all going to be placed. He is the master placer and whatever you name Him. He just IS.

    1. Thank you! It is somewhat similar in tone and tenor to “What Is Life Worth.” I think the two could go hand in hand, really. All the best to you w/blessings!

  2. Good.true-indeed unseen hand turns the pages of time……….beautyfully know -with dis,history repeats itself.dear noble.

    1. Thank you! And, yes, history does unfortunately tend to repeat itself … but let’s make a good, positive difference today, in our own time… This is what I want to do! πŸ˜‰

      1. Yeah.nice thought for doing better for enjoying every moments of today and too life.dear noble !! I like your positive attitude because it is compulsory to live d happy life.

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