I saw silver and gold and I was told I could have it all,
So I answered the call … I turned;
I saw fame and fortune and was told I could lay my claim,
So I did so with no self-blame … I turned;
I heard the blackbird promise power and my own great tower,
So I laid my bricks and did not cower … I turned;
I heard an old bard sing that peace was all mine to lease,
So I began to buy and did not cease … I turned;
I smelled all of the myriad roses in their beautiful poses,
So I started to buck and pluck … I turned;
I saw adulation and was told to clench it without hesitation,
So I made this my vocation … I turned…
Always turning, and always churning and burning with a hole
In my soul, and now I’m tired of being mired in such insane
And senseless pursuits that really suit no person, even me;
It’s like chasing the wind, running round every single bend,
Breaking my fragile heart, which not one of these could mend
Or even all of them taken together like one solitary feather;
But I hear the Voice that calls from the halls of my spirit,
And I realize that I’ve been unwise, creating my own demise;
Yet the Voice still beckons ‘n means to reckon with this man;
Ah! And so I turn one more time to hear this still, soft chime,
And will I need turn again or, perhaps, I’m done with turning
Even as I feel the smile and hear, ‘Come and welcome home.’

Note: Originally published in April 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the consideration and enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!


21 thoughts on “Turning

  1. Aw Jonathan!

    U r a sweet-heart.
    Wisest of all
    In the universe.

    I wonder! y only innocent people have to pay for their existence! for being innocent?

    Not fair!
    Its d worst system!
    nature’s or lord’s?
    (well. have never ceen lord though)


    Stay happy dear!

    U’ve earned huge knowledge, spirituality,and excellence. and have so much admirers!

    ; )

    keep smiling!

  2. Lots of little gems glimmering throughout. The word ‘Voice’ caught my attention in particular. I think I’m becoming very attuned to your writings. Just a quick hello for now. Will get back with a thorough reading. Have a great day/night, my friend.

  3. A senseless pursuit…”Always turning, and always churning and burning with a hole”, this line captures it so well.

  4. …always Turning turning turning…running after what does not satisfy. Another Masterpiece my friend…and the same wonderful rhyming lilt to your words that is your exquisite hallmark! I hope that you are done with turning and can now rest in the Spirit’s peace…. I am running out of superlative adjectives to describe your magnificent breathtaking work Jon…. :(. :). !

  5. This has been a delight to read! The despair of a soul caught in the ways of the world, growing weary, until Called to its rest in the only place it could call Home, from the only one who can offer real Peace. I love the simple message of the poem and the emotions it reflects. Thank you for sharing this brilliant work!

  6. Sorry that took time. You never fail to deliver profound messages. At the end of the day, we are all empty-handed, are we not? And only the wise realize that all the turning and churning is indeed in vain and we all get only what we are destined to get, little or lot. Even so, we must never lose sight of the fundamental message that while we are here, we should never give up on the faith that keeps us going. For, in the end, it doesn’t matter how much we turned. What matters is how much we re-turned. And with that, I say the Voice that you talk about is THE voice that needs to be listened to. And so my friend, I’m glad you are on the right path just as I’m getting there.
    P.S. I wrote blue bird, Antony came up with blackbird and now your turning with a mention of blackbird. The ‘Voice’ is central to our three individual pieces. And they connect as a whole. Accidents do not happen. Self awakening on the anvil, I say!

    1. Wow! What a profound analysis; thank you! And you are right about THE Voice “that needs to be listened to.” I am, indeed, trying to listen now… And I wholeheartedly agree that “accidents do not happen;” there is most certainly connection! So I say, bless you along your journey w/love, peace and joy, my dear friend! Thank you so much, again! πŸ™‚

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