Psalm to the Beloved

Who can explain the mystery of our relationship, O Shepherd of my Soul? But the history is as certain as the sunrise yet with many surprises always comprised of passionate compassion and love from above.

You are to me all that I need you to be and more as we travel together toward that distant shore to the place of peace you have prepared for me even as you give me new lease on life here and now. But how? It is unfathomable.

You are my bright and morning star sent from afar long ago, but here with me now, so near to my heart. Ah! You are now every part of my heart and I start to cry for joy in the thought of what you have brought to me so freely.

When I look into your eyes I see serenity with an eternity of incomprehensible delight with nothing to fight or fright, only lighter ways on brighter days. And have you not taken me in hand and tied the band, making me one with you?

O my Beloved, strong as the cedars of Lebanon, more beautiful than the lilies of the valley! How can I not sing and bring my very self to you for all of you? Though it seems like a dream, it is more real than this shadowland reality.

You raise me to new heights of glory through numinous mazes of enchantment for the enhancement of my bliss, and do I miss what is left behind? Ah! No! This pilgrimage may sometimes seem tedious and long but never wrong.

Yes, you pulled me from the miry clay and set my feet upon the rock, and I weep thankfully for the redemption and unsought exaltation as I patiently await the day of coronation. And so this world seems strangely dim . . . O my Beloved!


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