What Do We Do With Our Days?

From morning to night our plight remains the same:
We hurry up to worry and scurry to fight and to bite
Over seemingly significant insignificants of this life 
We have been given to live instead of giving our self
To selfless ways in the rather few days we do exist,
But we persist in insisting on small details in retail,
Social media, movies and video games; it’s the same
And what a shame in living such a sham life
When the world is rife with pain and no gain
For so many of our brothers and sisters upon earth,
Place of our common birth, and what is it all worth?
Endless snickering and bickering over no-nothings?
. . .
And the rain falls as painful tears of God are shed
As we remain so much the same until we are dead,
Always encouraging the better way of life instead


20 thoughts on “What Do We Do With Our Days?

  1. You draws the picture of the reality. As Chuck Swindoll pointed out, we spend 90% of our time to deal with 10% of what happens to our life. BTW, I’m privileged to have him as my pastor for 20 years! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes, if we used social media in a healthy way, it could be very beneficial (and for some, it most certainly is!) But sometimes there is just no replacing the human touch … having the hands and arms and smiles of someone else in the very same room. But, of course, I am saying this as someone who has certainly benefitted GREATLY from social media precisely because it keeps me in contact with far away friends and family… Well, enough of my rambling. lol I’ll have to read your article. Thank you for the link and your comment! All the best to you!

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