Sonnet of Unrequited Love

Twas mine own proclamation of emancipation
When I didst tell thee of passionate affection,
Which didst proceed from an opened heart
That cared not how thou might play thy part,
But for sake of my tender soul ye wert kind,
And in thine eyes some honest pity I didst find,
And thou didst not reprimand me nor demand
That I should take my leave to ever be banned
From seeing thee again in some fondly way,
And thus, though sadly, did I await that day;
Nay, thou even granted a kiss upon my cheek
But ye also implored me another love to seek;
Ah! I have found such, yet thou art mournful,
But o’er my fortune why now be so scornful?


11 thoughts on “Sonnet of Unrequited Love

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  2. Lovely writing, loving/liking the guy who doesn’t love you back. I’ve experienced this especially the part about him knowing you like him but he lets you think there might be a chance because he enjoys the attention. My thoughts are he’s scum or just acting like it on this case. It’s why your speakers scornful. Never dangle someone like that, something I’ve learned!

    1. That’s an awfully horrible experience, to say the least! You’re right: Never dangle someone. But at least the speaker did find true love! Thank you so very much for your comment! All of the best to you with blessings!

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