The Key

You pound the wheel and stomp your heels;
Something is wrong: No song from the radio,
No lights on the dashboard this dark night
Of frightful lightening, painfully heavy rain,
And the terrible sound of rolling thunder,
But you’ve never even let it enter your mind
That you’ve blundered as myriad thoughts
Bind your brain, and you curse the bright day
He brought you this new car from far away;
You say it’s never worked and now you need
It to start more than ever! Ah, but then there
Is some slight recognition of the ignition…
And you blink as you calm down and think
Even on the brink of a nervous breakdown:
The Key
The Key
The Key

Life will never be all that it is meant to be without the Key

Note: First published in August 2016, now republished for the consideration and enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!


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