Battle of Heart and Mind

Your heart leads one way and your mind another,
So you confide in father, mother, sister ‘n brother
Because you don’t know what to do, when or how,
But you want to bow to the leanings of your heart,
But the sensibility of your mind takes another part,
So you start to unravel as differing advice is given,
And you can no longer clearly see virtue and vice;
Ah! Does not the heart lead the way thru the day,
While the mind binds you to stay in the banality
Of rationality, bold but so terribly cold, unfeeling?
Yet the heart often leads astray and it’s the mind
That holds you at bay within sense and sensibility;
So what do you do? Follow the pull of your heart?
Or depart from emotion in motion with the mind?
Ah! Heart and mind at war . . . and which will win?


12 thoughts on “Battle of Heart and Mind

  1. Ohmygod, i feel this one so much. In a very similar situation. Heart and mind in such a conflict haha. Best of luck figuring it out, we’ll get through it together! 🙂

  2. We need to wear the spiritual weapon.
    Faith which Mind is opposite of it . Train your brain to accept the faith in your heart.
    Hope . Which mind needs it but don’t believe it . Train your brain to keep that.
    Love . Which is the food of mind – this one brain knows it but don’t know how to apply it . So feel it with heavenly love and grace .

    Nice article – thanks for posting if

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