Beyond the Horizon ~ Will You Be There?

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Splash of eternity, perhaps, in brilliant light
Ever elusive, tempting, yet always inviting
My curious mind and hungry soul behold the sight

To curl up in your arms so strong, where I belong;
To lay my head on your chest, where I should rest

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Picture so complete and filled with beauty.
Challenging, happily inspiring and satisfying
My restless soul so weary from life’s long journey

To see your eyes so bold, not cold, my own enfold;
– heaven on earth, angelic mirth, immortal rebirth

There’s something there, beyond the horizon –
Selene light of heaven in sweet magic to calm
Storm-churned waves of earthbound life,
While Eirene to my heart applies her healing balm

Let my barricade drop to rest me in complete surrender;
Pull me tightly and hold me to your bosom so tender

Note: First published in June 2015, now offered again for the pleasure of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!


12 thoughts on “Beyond the Horizon ~ Will You Be There?

    1. Isn’t it amazing? He has been here for us (past tense), He is here for us (present tense), and He will be there for us (future tense)! He never leaves nor forsakes us . . . but I’m looking beyond that horizon to that glorious day, and you’re right: He will be there!

      1. Absolutely loved your sayings Jonathan and he is at all times present in us with us and He is Us the One and Only there is Only Oneness in Manyness and we are all in Him. He is beyond Everything and is in Everyone and Everything.

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