By Your Eyes

By your eyes am I trapped, enwrapped in emerald gaze,
As I am wrapped tightly in your arms, safe from all harm,
And there is no greater charm than the sound of your voice
And no better choice than to listen to the lilt of such sound
That shakes the ground yet that soothes the aching heart
In every part so that I would be foolish to depart from you,
And you love me too much to let me go, so that I am secure
In you and your love above all else amid all the cacophony
Of this world into which I’ve been hurled while I’m curled
Against your bosom, gazing up
Into your eyes that spy my soul
As you fill the gaping hole with which I was born on earth,
And you give to me home ‘n hearth that I now call my own
Since seeds of your love you have sown into my very being
As even now I am seeing an eternity in your emerald eyes!


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