Swim in Crimson Waters

Lagoon in your atoll,
Safe from the squall,
I dive into crimson waters,
Driven by my vision of you;
Accepting your decision
To be my sole provision

Ah! I swim like brim
Through thick cerise
At peace in a release
Never before known
Till sown in my soul

And the dove flies the sky
So high with peaceful cry;
And I’m now free to be me
In you for you to be in me,
Finally for everyone to see!

Safe from all alarm and harm,
I swim in your crimson charm,
Guided by your blood-red arms;
I swim . . . deeper and deeper
I swim . . .

Note: First published in October 2016 as one of my mystical-poetic works, now republished for the consideration and (hopefully) enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!


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