Saved by Love for Love

You found me in the wilderness of loneliness, crippled and starving,
Carving out some place for my own burial, adversarial to my own life,
And there you came without any blame and simply lifted me up . . .
And I then found myself around your shoulders strong as boulders
Being carried across the wasteland by your mighty, strong hands . . .
Suddenly I found myself lying in cool, lush green grass
Thru which an attractive, crystal-clear stream did pass;
And there you were with the cure in hand
To bind wounds and put my mind at ease;
And I looked into your emerald eyes as if for the first time spying love;
You smiled a mile wide and laughed as you gently stroked my head
As I laid in my prairie bed, and you said that I had nothing to fear,
That you would hold me dear, and always be near enough to hear
My cries, and you did not lie, for you have been ever close, never far;
And now I dance in the romance we share forever, without any end!

Note: First published in December 2016 as a poetic-spiritual testimonial


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