Face of the Phantom Lady

Face . . .
Her face, barely visible, will appear so near to him
To again begin the chase in which case he will lose
But she calls to him with her eyes that spy his soul
And bids him leave this world
Into which he has been hurled
So he tries to reach her lovely, numinous presence
With the very essence of what he is in this half-life
Even knowing he cannot quite reach her
As she is showing him a different world
And he cries each time it does come to say goodbye
But with heavy sigh he knows when to stop chasing
And start facing reality again … but he does wonder
If this mysterious lady is more real than his reality
And that he actually lives in one stream of dreams
While his dear lady comes out of the booth of truth
Barely showing her . . .


8 thoughts on “Face of the Phantom Lady

  1. Ah, this piece could be interpreted in different ways: the woman, the dark seductive part of the mind to just give up and leave this world, or the woman coming into dreams to say goodbye to tell it is ok to love again.
    Beautiful Jonathan.

    1. Yes, it does lend itself to different interpretations, and I think that’s what I like about this piece the most. In this case, even the author cannot say for sure which interpretation is the right one! 😉

      1. I think it depends on in what state of mind the author or readers is. I love these kind of pieces which make one reflect their feelings/thoughts. XxX

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