All Will Be Well

When life seems so confusing, all I have to do is look to you;
In your eyes you hold all of my thoughts and every emotion
And all of the commotion and turmoil raging in my own soul,
And your smile and gentle touch does much to calm my fears,
And you wipe away every tear and hear all of my concerns,
Like mother with child so weak and mild, your bosom strong,
And long do you listen and glisten with peace and serenity,
Which flow from your heart into the low places of my own,
Where seeds of love are sown from the high heavens above;
Ah! When life seems like a mess, I only have to confess to you,
And suddenly I am caught up into the stream of your dream
For me alone, and I know then all will be well in you alone . . .


11 thoughts on “All Will Be Well

  1. Beautiful imagery and comforting words. To know there is always a place, where seeds of love are sown, gives hope. Soothing piece, love it!

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