High Into the Sky

You take me high into the sky
To say ‘goodbye’ to this world
In some timeless space in pace
With the wind round the bend
Of clouds in our proud defiance
Of reliance upon materialism
Of any kind now with my mind
Being freed to feed upon peace
Freely given by you to enliven
Along with your love above all
As I answer the call to sail high
And say ‘goodbye’ to the world
For some timeless time where
Clocks no longer chime in life
Lived now in serene eternity
Within the stream of dreams
Drinking the cream of heaven
With you as my only Beloved
As we fly high up into the sky
Oh so high up in the sky to fly


11 thoughts on “High Into the Sky

    1. Thank you for this honor ~ and I am truly honored ~ however, I must humbly decline. This is an award-free blog. But once again, thank you! I am sure you will find another more worthy blogger for the Mystery Blogger Award. All the best to you with blessings!

      1. Yeah.wonderful.i like ur new site very much but in searching ur site i have tired very much.u post ur poem directly on my blog or include me in ur new site.please.

        1. I can’t post directly onto your blog, but all you have to do to keep up with my postings is to follow my blog. There should be a button on the right side that reads “follow” and you just need to click on it, that’s all!

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