Song to the Beloved #0403

Song of Light

There is no need to light any lamp in the camp when you are here,
For the light of your countenance shines so bright the dark hides;
You are the fairest of ten thousand, dearest of all of that is dearest,
And your eyes penetrate to the bone, cutting stone, even my own,
So that I never tire in offering you earth and wind, water and fire,
And all that I am even as you give me all that you are, my one star
Come from afar to love all as Love in Truth, and beautify as Beauty,
And so it is my only duty to love you as I have been loved by you. . .
And in skies of azure blue the sacred wind sings your serene song
Long into the day to stay in my heart forevermore where stores
Of peace are now kept as treasure for my pure pleasure from you,
O Beloved, brightest of light, and the better part of my own heart!


20 thoughts on “Song to the Beloved #0403

      1. Welcome Jonathan. I just wanted to ask you Jonathan that during the weekend I have commented on two of your poems from my mobile but everytime they show me you have not received my comments, kindly do let me know cause there is sometimes some problem with wordpress with few bloggers.

        1. Really I have no idea why that has happened, Kamal. I am always pleased when I see your comments and I have never rejected ANY of them . . . so there must be some problem with WP or your mobile, perhaps??? I don’t know, my friend.

          1. Just go to your spam folder Jonathan cause I have commented twice on both your previous poems. Do let me know and ya this WP gives problems sometimes. Sometimes replies go to our spam folder check there.

              1. Ah! You were right! Not only were three of your comments in my spam folder, I found two other comments from two other followers of my blog! How does this happen … and why? Of course, I promptly took them out of the spam folder and approved them… I’m so sorry that happened, Kamal.

              2. Oh it is completely k Jonathan but I was not sure what had happened. Must check your spam folder everyday. I was told by one of the bloggers. I think this WP is so huge and with thousands and thousands bloggers may be some of our comments go in their spam folder.

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