How Does the Poet Explain?

How does the poet adequately explain his poetry
Without much pain, at the risk of sounding insane?
If the poet could explain her melodic words
Flowing serenely in rhyme and fine rhythm,
Then she may as well have written in prose
Rather than posing as a poet, you know it?
Poetry is an esoteric world of its own
Where the seeds of thought are sown
To be shown in an exquisite garden
Of variegation of creative creation,
Not in straight farm-like rows to plow,
So how, O how, does the poet now explain . . .
Poetry is potently mysterious
While making mystical sense
To the avid, passionate lover of metrical verse,
And itโ€™s nothing to rehearse,
But to engage and fascinate!
It is to attract and grip and rivet the very heart,
But play no part in essays and academic articles!
Indeed, how does the poet amply explain his poetry
Without much pain, at the risk of sounding insane?
No! Vain is the task of trying and without any gain!

Note: First published in early November 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for the enjoyment (and edification?) of new reader-followers.


22 thoughts on “How Does the Poet Explain?

  1. I like the way you put it “If a Poet has to Explain, then she could very well write Prose not Poetry”.
    ha ha ha ha, I guess that fits me very well. I don’t have such a huge Vocabulary since I did not practice Reading only since a couple of years now. So sometimes, when I can’t understand the Theme of the poem, I ask the person to “explain” to me.

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  3. Hadn’t read this one, thanks for the re-post!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend again and a joyful new week.
    Big hug, XxX

  4. Wow. I really enjoyed reading How Does the Poet Explain? So well stated and enjoyable to read. You work well with words. Also, I love the picture. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, beautifully written and the aesthetic, pleasing!
    I can relate “How Does the Poet Explain?”, and this is so true “Poetry is an esoteric world of its own”. Thanks for reposting.

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