Plea to My Son: Wisdom Living

So many times in life I thought I knew what was best
And I wore the vest of pride in stride with arrogance,
And I tried with all of my might to make it all so right
Only to fall into the dark night of the soul with a hole
In my heart and my mind bound against sound reason,
Collapsing into an awful season of tumultuous unrest,
And all the while there were blessings untold for me
That I could just barely see in the distance but would
Not touch in my insistence to forge ahead with plans
Of my own that were sown in isolation and darkness;
And, oh, how I wish now that I could go back and bow
To sense and sensibility, to rewrite my past in lasting
Joy and peace with a new lease on life . . . but no, son,
This I cannot do and so I sue myself in the court of life
So rife with pain and such little gain from such insane
Decisions and I hold my history in derision, my child;
So I say to you, do not walk the same path I’ve walked,
But be sober-minded and clear-headed and do pray
Before you say what you think you want and then leap
Without looking! Read the book of your own father
To learn and burn not with zeal but hear without fear
Wise counsel offered and open your eyes to see gifts
Already bestowed in your life and do not thrown away
What has been so freely given to enliven your fantasy!
Sense and sensibility under the cover of prayer, my son;
Take the higher and better road; yes, the better road!


55 thoughts on “Plea to My Son: Wisdom Living

    1. He is currently living in Georgia, and we have a very close relationship, thank the Lord! Yes, and we talk quite often and have really good, heart-to-heart conversations. Sometimes I just like to speak through poetry… πŸ™‚ And he’s already read this one; now we get to talk about it! πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, good. Married with kids? Close relationship with our children is hard to find these days. So much heartache. My daughter is my follower. She reads my blog. I know I write more than she has time to read. I just bring her attention to certain ones, such my Love Letter to her, and my Poem about her as Beautiful tiny Baby. She loves those. By the way, I email the song to your gmail – 2 of them. I had a poetry class, now getting read for my counseling, then rehearsal for Good Friday. I may not have too much time for blogging today!

        1. Oh thank you! And yes I understand you are terribly busy during this most holy and celebratory season. I pray that you are filled to overflowing with the joy of Easter! Blessings upon you and your dear family!

              1. Oh, I used to know someone sleep during the day and stay up all night to do things. She likes quiet surrounding. I don’t have that internal time clock. I go with traditional time clock. My husband stays up, so I’ll stay up for a little while!

              2. For me it just seems as if my sleep schedule is off, because I’ve always had a traditional time clock, too! Now it’s like my clock has gone crazy! But I think I’m going to try to go back to bed to see if I can go back to sleep… I pray that I can!

              3. So funny, I got this herb from swanson that called Full Spectrum, include valerian, chamomile, and hops. CA is not allowed for shipment because of the hops. So I had them shipped to my daughter in Portland!

              4. CA is not a friendly state for business. Even they accept shipment of some items, the billing has to include a warning – these products contain a chemical unknown to CA to cause cancer or birth defects… It’s just CA!

              5. That seems completely unnecessary! Ugh! But I just looked up Full Spectrum and Swanson offers a LOT of Full Spectrum supplements… Do you know the exact name of the one you are taking??? Just curious. πŸ™‚

              6. Ha ha! Yes, once again, but at least I went to bed at 6:30 p.m. so I did get a few hours of straight sleep…. Now I just need to adjust my internal clock! lol

                By the way, the recordings are fabulous! I never thought I would hear one of my pieces put to music, but now you have honored me, and in such an extraordinary way. Your voice and the music are both absolutely beautiful! Thank you so very, very much!

              7. I’ll bet it was a powerful and very moving experience… And I’m so glad to know that your new pastor is so supportive of the choir! That’s wonderful!

  1. Oh my, Jonathan. How brave you are, to take responsibility and also for sharing these very personal feelings with your readers. I’m so happy for you, to read in the comments above you and your son have a good bond, since you indeed can’t ‘go back’ and ‘re-do’.
    If he is a bit like his father, I am confident he will thrive.

    1. He has actually told me now that he read the poem and he said it was one of the most encouraging and uplifting things he has read in a long, long time, He understood all I was saying and deeply appreciated it! I was/am thrilled!

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